Tips on how to stay prepared during hurricane season


ST. THOMAS (CBS USVI) — USVI Correspondent Kellie Meyer joined FEMA Media relations specialist Eric Adams Tuesday September 11 for a look at ways to prepare for hurricane season. 
“We’re talking today about preparedness ahead of this Tropical Storm Isaac which we’re watching hopefully it doesn’t hit us but we’re going to be prepared either way so what are you telling people here in the territory to be ready in case it does strike.” 
“I’d like to start off on families and people being ready having their homes ready for the storms. Make sure home owners or renters at your homes bring all the yard furniture in. Any loose tools outside, any loose furniture bring those in.” 
“Remember to clean out downspouts, clean out gutters at your homes because if heavy winds come into the territory those projectiles outside such as furniture, such as lose tools they can turn into projectiles and do a lot of damage to peoples’ vehicles, peoples’ roofs.” 
“As well having your families prepared for up to 10 days, with non-perishable food, water, one gallon of water per day per person, not just for drinking purposes but also sanitation purposes.” 
“Personal documents, it’s very important perhaps a lot of personal documents such as bank statements other personal information we have a lot of information stored on files on computers it would be a great idea to write a lot of those files down into a notebook, write a lot of those passwords down into a notebook, gather information such as deeds to your homes, insurance information. It would be a great idea to put all that information into an airtight, type of container some type of bag, that also could be water proof, as well is roofs come off if severe rains come into the territory and impact your home with lots of damage.”
And like you were saying we’re not sure exactly what this will accumulate too in the end we’re not the weather watchers but we’re here just to make sure that everyone is safe and stays safe in the coming days.” 
“Excellent observation there Kellie and I’d like to mention three things, we must stay alert.” No matter what the forecast is. A couple key issues for staying alert would be- alert vi. ALERT VI alerts Virgin Islanders, with instant updates on everything from road closures inclement weather all types of emergency updates, people may ask how can you subscribe to alert VI you can do it through VITEMA. The Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency Website that is VITEMA DOT VI DOT GOV. Alert VI provides real time updates.”