Road to the Road: Meet Infernos Troupe

Carnival week is just around the corner and some events are already beginning.

So just what goes into making those parade troupe routines come together?

USVI Correspondent Kellie Meyer is jumping right in to find out how. 

She spoke with Darryl Donovan Sr. CEO and President of the Infernos Carnival Troupe. The interview is below, video above.

KM: “We’re here following the “Road to the Road” for carnival with Infernos. Tell us about the troupe this year.” 

DD: The troupe. Wow it is large. 344 plus people. This is the largest group that we had in 15 years starting out. So it’s a new thing for us. A lot of the board members have been with us for more than 10 years it’s new for them also so we’re like triple checking everything to make sure that parade day everything comes to life and right.” 

KM: “Well it is looking amazing so far. We have a couple more practices left before the big day?

DD: “A lot more practices. And you guys are looking lovely. And thanks to Mekel, for me I’m not a choreographer. She is doing a great job. Her mom has been with the group for more than 10 years. She’s been with the group since the time she was 13. She was part of, we have a competition on the beach, the troupe versus Darryl girls, which are the little girls in the group and they dance. And she’s been there. So it’s good to see that she’s blossomed to be a choreographer. And that’s what she likes.” 

KM: “So what are you are telling people who are coming out on parade day to expect from Infernos? 

DD: “Expect vibrance. It is going to be vibrant. Expect the unexpected. Our group is an excited group. We’re like an inferno. Everlasting fire. The girls just get the spirit and they just go with it. And again, they’re paying their money to have fun we don’t step in the way. The only way we ask, is just the step in the routine which you know. I didn’t want to do a routine but they voted to do a routine so again so I’m just there to make sure whatever they want is there.” 

KM: “They’re doing a great job, you’re doing a great job so far, the choreography, the girls, the guys, all out here and keep following us we’re going to come back each week as we make our way to the road for the carnival parade. Thank you so much we’re so excited to be a part of this and stay tuned for more as we gear up for Carnival.”