Sen. Sarauw talks inspiration behind Mocko Jumbi troupe “Culture Shock”

Akil Jacobs USVI NEWS REPORTER: Good Afternoon, I am Akil Jacobs with CBS USVI, I’m here with Senator Sarauw, Senator Sarauw how are you doing? I had a few quick questions about your Mocko Jumbi troupe, it’s called culture shock and what was the inspiration behind it? 

Sen. Sarauw: One is the restoration of culture, we realize that the art form is dying, and my staff, it was really not the brain child of me, I wouldn’t take all the credit, it was really my staff that came up with the idea of culture shock. They came up with the name and said that we need to preserve our culture and so from that the idea was born and we got people to buy into the concept. I’m a muck Jumbi and I dance at hotels, my name is JUMOKA, me and my chief of staff is also a cultural dancer, she limbos and eats fire, so from that we have a strong belief in the preservation of culture and to cultivate a generation of muck jumbo’s.

Akil Jacobs: I saw that you started with the kids 

Sen. Sarauw: I did, I did.
Akil Jacobs: It was a beautiful thing to see.

Sen. Sarauw: Yeah I had a good time, we brought in some Arsine, Viviane, some really good. We had a team of supportive parents, corporate sponsors  

Akil Jacobs: Thank you so much Senator Sarauw for your time, this is Akil Jacobs USVI signing off, one love, thank you