Nashville country singer shares love for the VI through music

If you follow the Virgin Islands music scene, chances are you’ve seen this guy out and about.

He may be based in Nashville, Tennessee, but Jimmy Charles has some serious love for the VI and is featuring it on his brand new album.

“The last time I was here I was looking out at all this blue water. And I said wow look at all that blue space. And the first song on that album is called ‘Blue Spaces,” Jimmy Charles, Country Artist from Nashville, TN said.

Charles has only been visiting the Virgin Islands for two years now. But has made the most of his time here. He played at the St. Thomas annual Chili Cook off and filmed a music video for his hit sound “Bout Summertime” right in our backyard, at places like Brewers Bay Beach, the Beach Bar in St. John, Abi Beach Bar, Coral World, Tickles and more.

“It plays in all of the Margaritaville’s across the country, plays all the Nashville bars that play the country music videos. And I love being there and seeing my friends take selfies and here’s the VI!”

Charles came back to the VI this past weekend for the release of his new album. He said it was important to come back and do the release here.

“I just have so many friends here and they’re so amazing to me and they’re so kind. After we did that video and all the bars I played around here. I’ve just made so many friends. I feel like this is my home away from home.”

A feeling that resonates with his fans here at Rum Island Pub in St. Thomas. He played one of his shows here on the day of his album release. He plans to keep on coming back to the place he calls his new home.

“Well I think it started to snow in Nashville when I left. We just got some flurries and you know I already told you it’s all the people.”

Even when he heads back to Tennessee, he still is an advocate for the islands. Keeping the love for the VI going, until he comes back again.