$14.9 Million Will Help Improve Healthcare in the Virgin Islands

A huge federal grant will benefit tens of thousands of medicare recipients in the Virgin Islands.

Nearly $15 Million in federal dollars is coming to the territory, to help the 29,000 Medicare recipients in the USVI.

Governor Albert Bryan announced the USVI has been awarded $14.9 in federal funding to implement a Health Information Exchange (HIE).

The money will be used to create certified electronic health record technology by healthcare providers.

The funding will be spread out over two years, with the VI Department of Human Services administering the funds, and establishing the HIE.

According to Bryan, the HIE will allow doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare providers, along with the patients, to access and securely share a patient’s medical information electronically, which will improve the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care.

The money will also be used to fund the current Promoting Interoperabilty Program in the Territory, a program which gives doctors and hospitals incentives to use certified electronic health record technology.

Governor Bryan said, “Implementing a health information exchange in the USVI is essential to building a 21st century healthcare infrastructure.”

He went on to say the HIE initiative will eliminate redundant tests and procedures, and allow patients to view their health information in real time, along with increasing quality of care, which overall will hopefully improve health outcomes.