A St. Thomas woman’s plea to fix roads

This road in St. Thomas nearly cost a woman her life.

“Totally lucky, looking down my car could have rolled over,” Anne Nayer said.

Nayer was driving back from a day at Hull Bay on Sunday January 13th when she felt her car go off the road.

“The wheel was off here so I could have just rolled down into the galvanized goat house,” Nayer added.

Nayer said she knew the road was badly damaged after the hurricanes last year, but says when she drove up the road to Dorothea that night, these orange cones weren’t there.  Next thing she knew she was stuck for over two hours.

“I managed I got out of the car but the door kind of fell back heavily so the door is damaged. The tow truck cost me nearly $310 dollars plus a flat tire,’ she said.

A costly drive for something Nayer said could have been avoided if the road was properly taken care of. Now she’s sharing her story before this happens again.

“It would be great if this could draw attention and somebody who has some, our new Governor, perhaps or somebody, Public Works and somebody can fix this and make it safe cause a lot of people travel this road,” Nayer said.

Aside from the hundreds of comments from concerned friends and people in the community no action has been taken.

Nayer said the only good thing to come from this is seeing those strangers that stepped in to help.

“Everybody stopped. It really made me love St. Thomas,” she added.

People continue to go up and down this road countless times a day with just a few orange barriers separating the drop off from the road.

USVI NEWS did not hear back from the Department of Public Works by time of air.