Cannaval cannabis expo coming this weekend to St. Croix

The islands’ first cannabis conference and expo is happening this weekend. 

It’s called Cannaval.

It’s the idea of Agriculture Commissioner Positive Nelson and 420 MEDIA Agency.

They said the event is a way to educate the people in the territory. 

It begins Friday July 19thwith a meet and greet reception and evening of networking events. 

Then the program begins Saturday July 20th

We caught up with the organizations for what you can expect. 

“They’re going to hear from medical professionals a whole family of doctors who are into cannabis medicine, they’re going to hear from professionals who are growing in the industry, they’re going to hear about the growing trends, etc. from people who are in the industry. The more time we’ve taking its’ allowed people to become more even more proficient in growing, in understanding cannabis so now that we are about to roll out it is important that our populous understands what they’re up against what the opportunities are out there. This Cannaval is an opportunity to do exactly that. To further educate the people and give them an opportunity to participate,” Positive Nelson, the Agriculture Commissioner said.

“So we’re here working with Commissioner Positive Nelson to bring cannabis, hemp and CBD education to the islands. You’re writing your regulations right now for medical cannabis and there’s tremendous opportunity for people to get healthy, and get wealthy and to build their innovation, research, island exploration tourism. So there is really a tremendous amount of opportunity and I think the biggest part is education,” Kerri Acardi, CEO of 420 Media said.

Again the event is this weekend July 19 through the 21 in St. Croix.

An event is planned for St. Thomas in October.