Celebrating the new year in style in St. Croix at the Crucian Christmas Festival

Ringing in the New Year, St. Croix style.

That was the mission Wednesday morning in downtown Fredriksted.

As hundreds of people took over the streets, bringing their best moves for the annual celebration.

“This is j’ouvert once in a lifetime experience.”

Crucians joined the parade route along with people from all over the the Island.

Plus those traveling to town just for the event itself.

“I came all the way from Brooklyn just for this because you know what you all live the life, I just want to be a part of this.”

St. Croix hosts its’ Carnival Festival between Christmas and the New Year.

It’s also known as the Crucian Christmas Carnival full of concerts, food fairs, and shopping.

But for many here, it’s just about one thing.

“It’s about j’ouvert 2019 and everybody is having a good time. It’s about love and life you know,” Abbie Leungmassicott, St. Croix

This isn’t the last day of carnival it goes on for a few more days in St. Croix with a big parade happening on Saturday.