Clean Up St. Thomas! Grassroots Effort Turns into Islandwide Initiative

Earth day was this Thursday, a day that’s all about supporting environmental protection. And recognition of the day is expanding into this weekend on St. Thomas.

What started as a grassroots effort to clean up some beaches in St. Thomas has turned into a community-wide initiative to clean up the island.

St. Thomas resident, Taylor Cohn, was sickened by the amount of trash she saw on area beaches and in town, so she did something about it.

She would often pick up trash by herself, but then decided to try to recruit people to help her.

So, thanks to social media, and the Facebook page she created “Clean Up St Thomas!,” the island is getting cleaner, one area at a time.

The Facebook group has grown to more than 900 members. They pick a location which needs attention, then set a time and date to meet up and clean up.

And in honor of Earth Day this week, a big cleanup is set for this weekend in Frenchtown.

Clean up starts at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 24.

You can just show up to the west end of Frenchtown near the dumpsters. All bags, buckets, drinks and food will be provided for volunteers, you just need to bring your own re-usable bottle for water.

Stormy Pirates Charters is sponsoring the event.