Clintons convene meeting in St. Thomas, look for solutions to recovery efforts

Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton are continuing their disaster preparedness meeting in St. Thomas.

Former President Bill Clinton was greeted with a standing ovation as he opened the post disaster recovery meeting in St. Thomas on Monday. 

The meeting at the University of the Virgin Islands is part of the Clinton Global Initiative Action Network.It is set out to bring together leaders from across sectors to develop solutions to recovery and build a more resilient future for not only the U.S. Virgin Islands but all of the Caribbean.

The opening panel Monday night, which was moderated by Former President Bill Clinton, explored some of those strategies.  

One of the panelists was Meaghan Enright, the Executive Director of Love City Strong. 

That is a grassroots organization that was born out of Hurricane Irma by a group of caring community members just wanting to look out for their island.  

The nonprofit group got a visit from the Clintons earlier on Monday, as they toured homes rebuilt with the help of LCS and taking ideas from LCS playbook for other Caribbean islands to model. 

At the Action Meeting, groups like Love City Strong, are trading ideas, meeting other agencies, and collaborating in breakout sessions.

The Clintons hope to leave the meeting with new plans for the islands as we head into another hurricane season.   

Secretary Clinton led a panel with representatives from St. John, St. Croix and Puerto Rico, all on the front lines of disaster response. 

They left the former Secretary with the new perspectives on preparedness.

A meeting of the minds ready to take on anything thrown their way.