Cultural fair brings music and dancing to St. Thomas

In St. Thomas where we’re seeing this kick-off so to speak of the Carnival week.

Kids came out to dance from all different schools, all over the area to get involved in the cultural traditions of the Virgin Islands.

S’Ence Watley, The Virgin Islands Carnival Queen 2019 shared her thoughts on the cultural traditions.

“It means everything to me being around our culture and our Carnival and being that it’s the start of our Carnival and I am here to support and show my love to the Virgin Islands,” Watley said.  

We’ll have full Carnival coverage coming up for you throughout the week.

We have our team coming in from Puerto Rico to help us with the Calypso festival and Kellie Meyer with full coverage of the adult parade as she will be joining the Infernos troupe.

This Thursday is the Junior Calypso Competition at 8pm in St. Thomas Village and Friday the Village officially opens at 5pm.