Electronic payment possible future for VI taxis

Another hot topic being passed through the legislature Monday was the introduction of electronic payment for local taxi cabs.  

In the morning hearing, those mostly for the measure testified.

They defended that it makes it easier for visitors to navigate the island and that it is a matter of bringing the VI into the 21stcentury.

There was only one representative from the VI Taxi Association there. 

The other two, from St. Croix and St. John, were not able to make it to the hearing. 

“I think there was a lot of comradery between the senators and the testifiers and even the taxi cab representatives that were there I think are open to it we just have to figure out how best to do it so it is far for everyone,” Lisa Hamilton, President, USVI Hotel and Tourism Association said.

“It’s gonna be a good thing but we must make sure that we tell everybody and tell the senators don’t push anything down our throat. We gonna work together, we gonna volunteer, and do what we need to do necessary to make better the whole taxi organization. We gonna make sure that everybody know what’s happening and is going to make more money. Supposed to be more money for us and for everyone else,” Mr. James Penn with the VI Taxi Association in St. John said.

We’ll continue to follow this story here on USVI News as to when they make their decision.