FEMA group remains on ground for hurricane season 2019


FEMA continuing to make their presence known in the Virgin Islands. 

Members of FEMA’s Incident Management Assistance Team out of New York have been in St. Croix the past month. 

Their goal is to make sure they’re prepared to response to any disaster that may occur in the Virgin Islands. 

They said part of that is making sure they have relationships built with folks here, that they have commodities on the ground that are prepared and making sure everyone has a role for a coordinated response if needed.  

One of those members, Brett Walsh, shared the importance of preparedness. 

“When we look at response the most important thing people can do is be prepared on their own. So we may be in the situation where trees are down across the road and we can’t get the commodities that we’ve pre-staged here to them for a few days so it is very important that people are taken care of and responding to all of the prepared initiatives that are being pushed by VITEMA especially in the territory itself,” Walsh said.

This weekend there is a Housing Expo put on by the Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority so people can look at how to rebuild their homes to make them resilient. 

That’s at Tutu Park Mall in St. Thomas on Saturday from 10am-3pm.