Free high wind construction workshop

A workshop that can help Virgin Islanders build homes to face high winds is coming to St. Thomas.

FEMA talks with USVI Correspondent Kellie Meyer about why they’re supporting this new free workshop.

KM: I am here with Eric Adams with FEMA he is the media relations specialist and Teresa joining us as the sign language interpreter. We caught up last week about some preparedness tips ahead of some tropical storms we were looking out for this week we’re talking about something brand new to keep viewers at home safe.

EA: Behind us in a valley on St. Thomas is an area where numerous homes have lost their roofs unfortunately due to wind damage during Hurricane Irma last September 6th. There will be a workshop on September 25 next Tuesday at Virgin Islands Montessori School that will focus on building in wind prone regions, (from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm). The workshop will follow guidance from the Department of Planning and Natural Resources Construction information for a stronger home 4thedition. Call Simpson Strong-Tie to register for the workshop at 972-439-3146.

KM: Thank you Eric, and we have those updates here with Fema so stay tuned for that happening next Tuesday, we’ll toss it back to you Eva!