House GOP Continue to Search for New Speaker

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s been about three weeks since the House voted to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy. On Monday, House republican members are meeting behind closed doors trying to figure out who should replace him.  

We’re told this is going to be more of a forum meeting. Members will listen to about nine GOP members who are pitching themselves to be the next Speaker. On Tuesday, we expect the republican conference to meet in the morning to hold another secret ballot vote. It might take awhile to finalize the voting just because of the large field of candidates. Sources said a member must earn a simple majority to win the nomination and it might take them a couple of rounds of voting, kicking off members with the fewest votes, until they have a nominee. If there is a nominee, the House could then go to the floor and vote as early as Tuesday.  Members that we’ve talked to are eager for the House to get back up and running again. They are growing more and more frustrated that their conference has not been able to unite behind one candidate for Speaker. Especially after last week after we saw three failed votes for Rep. Jim Jordan (R- OH) to secure the top spot.