House to Vote on Condemning Hamas Taking Hostages, Demanding their Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A temporary truce between Israel and Hamas will be extended for a couple of more days to allow humanitarian relief into Gaza as well as releasing some hostages. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, congressional members are demanding Hamas to release all hostages.  

In a House resolution, it condemns Hamas for attacking Israel, taking hostages, making threats against hostages, as well as demanding Hamas to immediately release all hostages and return them to safety. We expect the House to vote on this resolution on Tuesday. While this resolution can’t force Hamas to release the hostages, it does send a strong and united message from congress on releasing hostages.  

On the current situation with the hostages, John Kirby, the spokesperson for the National Security Council, said the humanitarian pause will now be extended through Thursday morning Israel time. The extended pause in the fighting is bringing relief, especially for the families who are reuniting with those held hostage. 

“This humanitarian pause has already brought a halt to the fighting together with a surge of humanitarian assistance,” said Kirby during a White House press briefing. “In order to extend the pause Hamas has committed to releasing another 20 women and children over the next two days. We would of course like to see the pause extended further but that would depend upon Hamas to release hostages.”  

The President released a statement saying in part more than 50 hostages have now been released and returned to their families. Some of those hostages include Americans. Other members of congress have also taken to social media expressing their happiness at the news of some of the hostages getting released.