In Personal and Passionate Floor Speech, Schumer Warns Against Rise in Antisemitism

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New York Senator Chuck Schumer (D- NY), who is the highest elected Jewish official in US history, gave a passionate speech on the Senate floor; warning about the rise in antisemitism in America.  

In a roughly 40-minute long and passionate speech, Schumer gave examples of antisemitic attacks and harassment Jewish people have dealt with in the US following the Hamas-Israel conflict beginning in early October. The Senator said while it’s not antisemitic to criticize the Israeli government, he cautions about rhetoric that crosses over into something different, like calling for the complete destruction of Israel. Schumer said rhetoric like that is rooted in antisemitism. 

“I am speaking up to issue a warning in form by lessons in history to often forgotten,” said Sen. Schumer on the Senate floor. “No matter what our beliefs, no matter where we stand on the war in Gaza, all of us must condemn antisemitism with full throated clarity wherever we see it before it metastasizes into something even worse because right now that’s what Jewish Americans fear most.”  

Following the October 7th attacks in Israel, the Anti-Defamation League said they’ve seen a nearly 400 percent spike in reports of antisemitic incidents in the US. Schumer is not alone in speaking out against antisemitism. We’ve also heard from members on the other side of the aisle denouncing the rise in antisemitism in our country as well.