In the eye of Irma: Valerie’s story

After nearly a year without a roof over her head, Valerie Nieberg had to find ways to keep her spirits up.

“You didn’t have time really but to just get on with your day,” Nieberg said.

The home she lived in for nearly 30 years was hit hard by Hurricane Irma last September. At the time, Nieberg was home alone. She sought refugee in her kitchen pantry as a tornado barreled through ripping her windows and part of her roof away.

“This is where I stayed this tiny little closet in the kitchen,” she added.

The effects of Tropical Storm Beryl left it’s mark on Niebergs home. It hit right in the two week span when her roof was getting repaired. That left the protective tarp off and the rain pouring in. After this entire saga, there is just one wish Nieberg has.

“I just want a roof over my head!”

A sentiment shared by many on Island, as a community continues to rebuild.