Irmageddon returns bringing crowds to Crown Bay

Participants hopped in colorful rides for an afternoon of fun.

But there is more to the ride than that.

The event was conceived after the 2017 hurricanes to reengage the boating community. 

The first one was such a success they brought it back again this year.

A portion of the proceeds go to The Boys and Girls Club of St. Thomas.  

Bernice Phillip said, “it’s an enjoyable day you know? And I am participating in the Poker Run and I have my winning hand, I hope!” 

Jenielle Freeman, Assistant Director at Crown Bay Marina said, “it’s been a great event, we had a good turnout. We have the Boys and Girls Club here we have great feedback from the Coast Guard they did a fly over after Lorna Freeman sang the National Anthem. They also did a search and rescue demonstration.

Following the kick off, the US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer met with Boys and Girls Club. 

Shamara Capitolin is the Winner of Iramageddon 2 Poker Run 2019 and Miss Irmageddon 2019 is Miss Lekia Gumbs.