Legislature shakes up leadership

A change of leadership at the legislature of the Virgin Islands. 

Members of the majority made the announcement on Thursday. 

Majority Leader Senator Marvin Blyden finalized the reorganization of the 33rd Legislature’s Majority caucus. 

He said the resolution to reorganize was supported by nine members of the legislature. 

The Bill: Number 33-0089 solidified the election of officers, amended and re-established standing committees and elected chairs, vice chairs and members of the standing committees. 

Senator Novelle Francis, Jr. was chosen to be President. 

Senator Myron D. Jackson as Vice President. 

Senator Alicia Barnes as Secretary and Marvin Blyden as Majority Leader. 

In regards to the shake-up- Blyden had this to say Thursday. 

“In order to make sure that we look out for the people we did what we had to do.” 

As for other senators who weren’t at the press conference on Thursday.

They said they hope they can just move forward and start doing the peoples work.