Lilly Broadcasting Acquires WCVI-TV in U.S. Virgin Islands

Lilly Broadcasting is pleased to announce the acquisition of WCVI-TV in the United States Virgin Islands. WCVI-TV will operate as the ABC affiliate and add CBS effective November 20, 2019. Lilly Broadcasting completed the sale from Family Broadcasting Corporation.

Both affiliates will carry network programming, local news, weather, and syndicated programming. WCVI-TV serves the United States Virgin Islands including St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. Lilly Broadcasting has previously served as the primary CBS and ABC affiliates for the islands through cable and satellite television. Viewers will be now able to watch CBS and ABC programs over the air through WCVI-TV.

In addition to high quality programs from CBS and ABC, Lilly Broadcasting produces a daily half-hour local newscast for the people of USVI.

Lilly Broadcasting is a family-owned company that operates leading television and radio stations from New York to Hawaii and serves as the CBS affiliate for Puerto Rico.

The company’s television stations include affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, The CW and MeTV among other networks. Lilly Broadcasting also owns and operates One Caribbean Television. One Caribbean Television is a news and entertainment channel that has served the Caribbean Community since 2008. The network is available throughout the Caribbean Islands and on selected cable systems in the United States and Canada.

Lilly Broadcasting’s home offices are located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

For additional information, contact Chief Operating Officer John Christianson at 814-454-5201.