Local Businesswoman Making/Selling Face Masks for Community

To help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, the CDC is recommending people wear cloth face masks when going out in public, particularly to places where social distancing can be a challenge.

Most of us don’t have masks laying around, so where do you get them?

Well, one local businesswoman is stepping up in more ways than one, to help.

“We’re making masks, they seem to be a much-needed commodity these days.” Genie Lupo is the owner of the ReNnew/ReUse Emporium, a non-essential business which she had to close on March 24th.

With no work, Lupo saw a need for face masks. She can’t sew, so she’s hired those who can, “Out of necessity I have taken an opportunity, given it to people that are otherwise making nothing right now, I’m paying people to cut the patterns, paying them to do the seamstress work.”

So far, local seamstresses have put together hundreds of the masks. They are made of 100-cotton, are washable, and run from $15 to $20.00 a piece, with the money going towards the items needed to make the masks, and all those doing the work, “My hope is that people will start getting the message that they need to protect each other, it’s not just about protecting ourselves, we have to protect our neighbor too. You’re protecting what you have, or what you don’t even know that you have, from the person in front of you,” said Lupo.

Lupo says she’s not going to get rich off face masks, it’s all about giving back, something she’s aimed to do since day one, “I started this business as a way to give back to the community it’s my sense of purpose and my sense of belonging, I’m happy to be able to do this.”

If you are able to sew or cut fabric, Lupo says they need more people to help and are looking to provide the work and pay for seamstresses who need it.

And, if you’d like to buy a cloth mask you can call or text the ReNew/ReUse Emporium at 340-690-6545, reach them by email at ForReUse@ReUseEmporium.com visit them online at reuseemporium.com or visit their Facebook page.