Main Street in St. Thomas back for the holidays

Just in time for the holidays. Main Street in St. Thomas is back and ready for business. 
CBS USVI has been following the Main Street Enhancement Project progress. It is an effort by the Virgin Islands Department of Public Works to revitalize downtown Charlote Amaile. Now the road is open, Just in time for tourist season. 
“It’s a lot more progress than last year,” Katherine Morales said. 
Morales works on Main Street. She said when she came here last year the road was a mess. Morales told CBS USVI she is happy with how the project is going.  
“I am loving the energy, the people, the roads are looking more beautiful so yeah I’m happy with how it is coming along,” Morales added. 
But there are stores on Main Street that did not survive the construction. Some businesses near the end of Main Street had to close their doors due to lack of business. Owners had told CBS USVI previously that construction delays deterred visitors from this end of the block and ultimately led to the decision to close shop. Now more foot traffic is finally returning. This comes three years after the project began. 
“I think the progress is pretty good we’re seeing more people. More people are choosing to drive this way I can stop them tell them what’s going on. I can tell them what’s going on with the sales, it’s going pretty good you know,” MC Rojo, who works at Renascence Jewelers said. 
The project isn’t done just yet, new sidewalks and historic lighting still need to be put in place according to this artist rendering on the Department of Public Works website.The underground utilities, drainage and new roadway are complete and some business owners have some suggestions for more improvements. 
“If I could request anything it is blooming and everything but we would really appreciate some taxi stands nearby if possible that would be nice I am happy that they added the one hour parking which is making a difference,” Jose Aris, who works at Beverly’s Jewelers said. 
Aris added that public restrooms would also be a great addition. While work continues, the businesses and customers are happy to be back and bustling again.