Massive march in Puerto Rico following Governors’ resignation announcement

By bike and by foot. 

People in Puerto Rico took to the streets to celebrate the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello. 

It was a sea of Puerto Rican flags Thursday with celebrities and supporters of Governor Rossello’s resignation cheering in the streets.

“I think it is amazing that everyone has to come together because usually it’s just the people from the public universities who protest and I think it was time that the people came out and told what we had to say,” one woman said.

Some say it was demonstrations like this one that pushed Governor Rossello to a critical decision. 

After 12 days of protests, he announced at midnight Wednesday he would resign by August 2nd

It gave these people what they’ve been asking for.

“We are looking forward to erase corruption for Puerto Rico island that’s the main problem that we have right now and willing to look forward all the people of Puerto Rico to get off this corruption and get Puerto Rico a better Puerto Rico,” Jesus Torres from Puerto Rico said.

It was a collaboration between so many groups of people.

Many young adults were leading the pack. 

It was a revolution they helped to create and one that changed the course of their history. 

“Very proud of my people. Very proud of Puerto Rican teachers. I am proud of all the people here. We’re doing our job,” another man said.

The job isn’t done just yet. Someone still has to replace the outgoing Governor. Right now it is Justice Secretary Wanda Vasquez, who some Puerto Ricans think isn’t the best choice either.

“All the information that came to us is that she has corruption also so we don’t know,” Torres added. :

A long road ahead, but they’re ready to continue walking for a better island.