MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competitions quickly approaching

Mathletes unite!

The MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competitions are quickly approaching

The St. Croix District competition is Thursday February 14that the University of the Virgin Islands Great Hall.

For the St. Thomas and St. John District, the competition will be held Monday February 18that Bertha C. Boshultte Middle School Library at 9AM.

Students representing Arthur A. Richards Jr. High, Church of God Holiness Academy, John H. Woodson Jr. High and the Good Hope Country Day School will participate in this year’s competition.

Students representing Antilles School and Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School will participate in this year’s competition.

The winning team will get prizes and advance to the state MATHCOUNTS finals, Thursday March 21 in St. Croix.


Students will compete individually and as teams in written and fast-paced oral matches. Subjects include algebra, probability, statistics and geometry.


  • The Sprint Round consists of 30 problems that are distributed to individual competitors. This round is a search for accuracy, with time being such that only the most capable persons will complete all of the items. Calculators are not permitted during this round. (40 minutes)


  • The Target Round consists of eight problems presented to individual competitors in four pairs. This round features multi-step, calculator-active problems that engage mathletes in mathematical reasoning and problem solving processes. Calculators are permitted during this round; problems assume calculator use. (6 minutes per pair; approximately 30 minutes total)


  • The Team Round consists of ten problems on which the team works together to produce an answer. Team member interaction is permitted and encouraged during this round; problems assume calculator use. (20 minutes)
  • The Countdown Round is a fast paced, oral competition for top-scoring individuals (based on scores in the Sprint and Target Rounds). In this round, pairs of mathletes will challenge each other in oral competition. Calculators are not permitted during this round. This round is considered an unofficial part of this competition. (45 seconds per question)

Local sponsors of the 2019 MATCOUNTS competition include the Virgin Islands Department of Education, Rotary Club Mid-Isle, the Rotary Club of St. Thomas II, and the University of the Virgin Islands.

MATHCOUNTS is a national program designed to improve math skills among U.S. students. The program focuses on middle school students, who are at a crucial stage in developing and sustaining math interest and ability. Students who do not begin developing strong problem-solving, logical thinking and analytical abilities in middle school will face an uphill battle later in life if they wish to pursue a medical, scientific, mathematical, engineering or technical career.