Much needed rain floods parts of St. Thomas

The US Virgin Islands are getting that much needed rain but one of the consequences of this rain is the flooding that comes along with it. 

Part of Bolongo Bay Beach in St. Thomas was covered in water on Monday morning. With the rain stopping it gave the water a chance to sink in.

More rain came in on Tuesday morning with more expected throughout the week. 

USVI NEWS talked with the owner of Bolongo Bay Resort, Richard Doumeng, who shared that the starts and stops of the rain are really saving them. It gave the water a chance to soak into the sand and not continue to overflow as they also cope with that runoff that comes down the hill.

We’ve been following this story for the past year now of the progress that is being made here on the beach to control runoff and help with floodwaters.

“Well since we spoke last Public Works and thanking again Commissioner Petty and the people who have worked with us on re-engineering the initial project. They did go back to the drawing board and re-engineered the existing plan. It has been approved internally and submitted to CZM and DPNR. When that goes through it goes out to Property and Procurement to go out to bid,” Doumeng said.

As Doumeng said, that help can’t come soon enough as they look out for more rain to come in the week ahead.