New Regulations Coming to Vendors in St.Thomas

The meeting was to inform current vendors on new regulations and ideas for the upcoming 2019-2020 tourism season. 

The Department of Public Works was there updating vendors on the current state of the water front project. 

The Deppartment of property and procurement announced restrooms and WiFi are available to vendors as well. 

August 19 is the last day for merchants to comply with any existing rules. 

USVI NEWS stopped by to speak with some vendors to hear their concerns after the town hall meeting. 

It don’t look good. It don’t have a good appearance. I don’t care how many times they change the tent. How many times they change the covers. It only thing to unify this plaza is to put kiosks in.”

More updates will coming up at the Vendors Plaza town hall meeting which is scheduled for the beginning of 2020.