St. Thomas Customer Service Training

A focus on hotel employees. 

That’s what the USVI Hotel and Tourism Association is honing in on with a special customer service training program this week.

Organizers said they’re doing this to help the hotels as the rebuild after the storms of 2017.

They want to train their workers in customer service and leadership to help them in their careers. 

They were in sessions all day on Tuesday enhancing their customer service skills.

Those who were teaching the class caught up with us on just what this means to those trainees. 

John Quail, Operations Director at Springboard Caribbean said, “so we’re providing some sophisticated professional development workshops for the hospitality industry within the USVI. This particular activity is sponsored through the hurricane relief efforts through the relief funds which is managed by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and Tourism Cares. So we’re here to actually provide the workshops both for the team members and the managers.”  

“Learning about the psychology of customers, learning about what it is that they have to do to take it to a higher level but also helping them to recognize that this doesn’t benefit only the customers who clearly need to benefit, and the organization that they’re working for but it is also about building a brand name for themselves,” Maria Quail, Managing Director for Springboard Caribbean said.

There was another day of training on Thursday that is specifically for leadership training.