St. Thomas J’ouvert brings Virgin Islanders near and far together

It all started before the sun came up on Thursday morning.

“It’s J’ouvert morning!” Senator Janelle Sarauw said.

J’ouvert morning took over the streets of St. Thomas. 

With truck after truck of music and dancing.  

“I hadn’t been in two years this is an awesome experience. I love it!” Bonita Bradley from Savanah, Georgia said.

People travelled far and wide, others just walked out their front door. 

All the experience the annual tradition of j’ouvert.  

“We love the food, the people, the music, the culture, the colors, the costumes, everything Is just beautiful,” Jacqueline Gumbs from St. Thomas  said.

“The road was crowded with people in St. Thomas. 2019 Carnival has everyone having a great time. The trucks were coming down one after the other after the other, and with every one it gets more and more crowded,” Reporter Kellie Meyer said.  

Troupe pride was out in full force with many having their own truck and following.

“My girl’s father troupe, the VI FETTERS, is the best troupe out here, period,” Raquel Angele with VI FETTERS said. 

Famous faces joined in on the fun.

From singers.

“Why would you not love St. Thomas carnival. Adam O speaking to you guys at St. Thomas j’ouvert t’s a beautiful thing, make sure you come, don’t miss it,” local VI singer Adam O said Thursday.

To politicians.

“I missed my Carnival Kaleidoscope I had to come out here and get a little paint on me. But it’s good to be in St. Thomas everyone is having a great time and being safe. If you’re missing this year make sure you don’t next year. Fabulous St. Thomas carnival you can’t miss it,” Gov. Albert Bryan said.

“People are having a really, really good time. I really want to say Happy carnival and have a safe, and happy Carnival to everyone and if you’re not here you’re definitely missing out on j’ouvert morning this year,” : Sen. Donna Frett-Gregory, with the VI Legislature said.

It was a j’ouvert, no one wanted to miss.