Open mic comedy night coming to St. Thomas

A long-time comedian is hosting an open mic night for local comedians waiting to tell their jokes.

USVI Correspondent Kellie Meyer has the preview for us. 

Interview below:

KM: Yeah, I am here with Luke he is a local comedian here on island been doing it for many years and he is hosting an event right here in St. Thomas that the local community can get involved in. Luke, tell us what you’re going to be hosting here? 

LC: Well, it is going to be an open mic comedy night for all of those people who used to come up to me after the comedy shows we did before the storms going hey I’m a funny person and I want to do comedy how do I do that? Well I finally found a venue that is enclosed indoors so you know if we want to be more adult it won’t be outdoors and broadcast to who might not want to hear that. Or you know to who knows it is St. Thomas after all. But I’ve been doing comedy here for a while. I was on the radio on a morning show for a long time too. And I really am hoping to find more people out there that are comedians. And Rock City Brew has given me the opportunity to do an open mic and let people come in and do their five minutes of funny and hopefully we take it on from there and build a comedy troupe and anything like that means funny on St. Thomas. And I want to make sure that the locals can come out and be involved. Anyone who says, I am funny. Here is your chance to prove it.

For ways to get involved email Lucas at