Opposition to Coral World dolphins speak out

Following up on the on-going response from the community to the new addition to Coral World Ocean Park in St. Thomas

As we reported on USVI NEWS last week, four dolphins were brought to the park, two males and two females.

We talked to Coral World last week regarding the delivery and the opposition from the community.

Now we’re hearing from those opposed to this move.

“We believe that putting dolphins in a pen where they have to have their photos taken with tourists they’re being exploited basically. These are intelligent mammals. I believe it is demeaning to force them to do these things. But to have them do these things it is demeaning to the animals. And when we demean the animals we demean ourselves,” Fiona Stuart, founder of VI Dolphin Voices said Sunday.

Work on the dolphin habitat is going on as planned. There is no date set as to when it will open to the public.