Puerto Rico’s Governor Resigns, Effective Aug. 2

The people spoke.

“He needs to go,” Carmen Arreaga, From Puerto Rico 

And the Governor, after 12 long days of endless protests, listened.

Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rossello finally resigning at midnight Wednesday. 

It was rumored to happen on Wednesday, first in the morning, then noon, then at press conferences set for 4 then 5 then 6.

Ultimately it led to nothing and left this crowd frustrated. 

“People waiting out here thinking that’s what they were going to hear going into this evening and it’s not the answer they’ve been waiting for,” Reporter Kellie Meyer earlier on Wednesday evening.

But after so much anticipation the words they wanted to hear came through. 

“I’m so happy. I’m proud of being Puerto Rican everyones’ together you know we’re doing everything peacefully for the best of Puerto Rico so that’s all I got to say,” singer Nicky Jam said.

The Governors’ resignation comes after the July 13threlease of 900 pages of text messages between Rossello and his inner circle. 

That led to the ouster of many of the people in that chat and in his cabinet. 

Support was dwindling through these nearly two long weeks. 

Rossello’s options were slim; face impeachment or resign. 

“It’s enough abuse. I was waiting for my people to and do this a long time ago.” I was originally born in Brooklyn New York and I’ve been here for 22 years and every year I said but why do the people keep standing for this why don’t they go in the street,” Edgard Class, from Puerto Rico said.

And that’s just what they did. It is what they feel ultimately brought the Governor to his decision. 

They believe it showed the power of protest and an islands voice. 

While the final decision in who will take his place has yet to be decided.

The people had this warning for his successor.

“They’ll get some of this if they do the same thing. I hope we get somebody good.” 

His resignation is effective in just one week on August 2nd

We’ll be following for those updates on who will take his place.