Road to the Road: What it takes to make a troupe come together

“This is just what you’re seeing on the outside it is more than just costumes and preparation,” Je’Nelle Forbes, with Infernos Carnival Troupe said.

For the last 15 years, Je’Nelle Forbes has been working with the Infernos Carnival Troupe. Forbes and the team on the board of directors help make sure parade day goes as smooth as possible.  

“We have a lot of outside vendors that we communicate with, we want to make sure we have our people fed, we want to make sure that everyone is happy in addition to providing you with awesome costumes.”  

After logistics, comes the dance routine. Which Inferno’s keeps top secret until parade day.  

“You could say I’ve been here since time I was 12. I was a little Infernos and now this year, everything changed,” Miqal Smith the choreographer with Infernos Carnival Troupe said.   

Smith thought of the moves that will be showcased on May 4th

She spends her Sunday nights reviewing the steps with the troupe.  

So what can parade go-ers expect from her choreography?

“Awesomeness. A surpise!”  

Of course, Infernos Carnival Troupe wouldn’t be a troupe without the members. 

A total of 340 men and women are participating in Inferno’s this year.

Many of whom will be traveling in from the states just to be a part of this famous troupe.   

Brittany Brin-Robinson a member of Infernos Carnival Troupe said, “I always admired Infernos growing up in the Caribbean. They’ve always seemed so organized, well put together, lovely board members and I said, I want to be a part of that.”  

Brin-Robinson’s said this is her 5thtime dancing with Infernos. 

She added, it won’t be her last.    

“It’s just been a wonderful experience and I look forward to it every year.”  

Now all that’s left is to head to the road.

St. Thomas Carnival adult parade is Saturday May 4th.