Rumors Spread About Trump’s Choice of VP Candidate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Six more months until voters decide who will be the next President. While we can expect a Biden-Harris run for the Democrats, former President Donald Trump has not yet announced who will be on the ticket alongside him for Republicans.  

Over the weekend, former President Trump held a campaign event at his Florida home. Among those in attendance are some rumored to potentially be his pick for Vice President. 

“I think what trump is looking for most of all in his running mate is loyalty,” said Dr. Todd Belt, Professor and Director of Political Management at George Washington University. Belt said one candidate sticks out.  

“He [Trump] had a lot of people write tell all books leaving his administration last time and that really infuriated him and he really wants someone to comfortable with and I think that person is going to be Rep. Elise Stefanik (R- NY). She really changed her tune on him. She was against him in the beginning and has become one of his biggest supporters. 

Rep. Stefanik is already nationally known. She has a leadership role within House Republicans.  

“I think she would be well received she is really in Trump’s style she tried to climb the ladder in the traditional way but then really vaulted herself in the Trumpian approach,” said Belt. “I think she also- being a woman candidate, also helps to fend off any of the criticism of not having a woman on the ticket if you’re running against Joe Biden with Kamala Harris.”  

Former Vice President Mike Pence has distanced himself from Trump. Pence made his own bid for the Republican nomination for President. He has since dropped out. Belt said generally vice-presidential picks aren’t a make-or-break decision for voters. But with Trump’s dominance in the Republican party, Belt believes Trump’s second in command pick won’t sway voters.  

“Usually when people choose their running mate they try to balance out their ticket by bringing somebody in who might provide- lets say you’re a northerner you might provide somebody for the south,” said Belt. “If you’re from a wing of the party you get someone more centrist. If you’re a man you might get a woman and these sort of things but those calculations aren’t really in Trump’s mind right now.”