Safer at Home Order Now in Effect in US Virgin Islands

The VI government’s new “Safer at Home” order is now in effect in the US territory.

This means non-essential businesses like gyms and salons can reopen for business, however, people are still encouraged to stay at home and only go out if absolutely necessary.

Under the new executive order, people now must wear a face mask or face covering when they enter any businesses in the US Virgin Islands.

Numbers of COVID-19 cases remain steady in the territory, as of Monday afternoon 66 people have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Governor Albert Bryan Jr. says social distancing and people staying at home seem to be working, and it must continue to prevent the spread, “Please remember that this virus is not going anywhere, not anytime soon, so we cannot hide from it, rather now it’s about learning how to live with it until at some point a vaccine or an effective treatment is available,” said Bryan. “This foundation that we are laying in our phased approach on reopening is just that, it’s a foundation, but it’s a firm foundation that will help to build the pandemic policy as we go down this strange new road,” Bryan continued.

No Mask, No Service

•              All residents who wish to patronize any business must wear a face mask. The only exceptions are children younger than 2 or residents with acute respiratory issues.
•              Ski masks are prohibited indoors and outdoors as a means of addressing the need for a mask in commercial establishments.
•              Taxis, safaris and cars for hire are considered commercial establishments and all occupants must have masks.
•              Free “No Mask, No Service” signs for businesses will be available from the Department of Property and Procurement offices and Department of Consumer Affairs offices in both districts.
•              “Safer at Home” rules have been adjusted to allow religious leaders to give their sermons without masks as long as they stay at least 10 feet away from the congregation.
•              The public is asked to report businesses in violation of the “No Mask, No Service” policy by calling DLCA at 340-713-3522 on St. Croix and 340-714-3522 on St. Thomas.

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