Saving Bolongo Bay

Richard Doumeng has been helping manage Bolongo Bay Beach resort with his family since the 1970’s. For that same amount of time, this has been plaguing his property.

“This is flood runoff, fresh water runoff from the valley, running through Bolongo Bay, water seeking its’ source,” Richard Doumeng, Managing Director, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

Doumeng said the issue has been ongoing for the past forty years. He called it a lack of a land use plan in the valley. With Thursdays’ rain hitting hard on the island it revealing just how deep the problem goes.

“It doesn’t take much to put it back to hurricane like levels and its’ just one day!”

“The water streaming in is actually cutting the beach in half. It is dividing Iggy’s from Bolongo Bay it is also playing into one of the reasons why Iggy’s isn’t up and running just yet.”

The beach bar was destroyed by Hurricane Irma but now this is running through its’ front yard, making it difficult for crews to get in to rebuild.

“I would like to open Iggys too but I don’t know how to even get there,” Doumeng added.

Doumeng said he has been working with the Virgin Islands Department of Public Works and the US Army Corps of Engineers on a flood plan and solution. But he fears for the future not only of his business but of the entire beach if the problem isn’t addressed soon.

“The beaches of the Virgin Islands are public beaches and I need public assistance. This is bigger than me and my family this is bigger than us.”

For now, the water continues to flow.

CBS USVI reached out to the Department of Public Works for response and has yet to hear back.