St. John community reflects on brutal shooting of donkeys

Two donkeys were shot dead in Coral Bay.

It happened Saturday night.

As of now, no motive was given for the act and police are still investigating the incident.

USVI Correspondent Kellie Meyer joined us from St. John as she talked with a woman who cares for donkey rescues.

She shared her message to the community.

“Some folks just use what others value to get attention maybe or just more or less abuse it because they feel maybe that they’ve been left out what the good part of this island is and there is no reason to feel like that because we’re all here for each other,” Dana Bartlett, the owner of Carolina Corral said.

Bartlett said she will continue her work at Carolina Corral helping rescue donkeys and other animals and she also wants to spread that message of care throughout the community.

It’s not just for the animals, it is for the people of St. John that she loves so much. She said that we’re all here for each other and to care for each other. She just wants to get that message across after a very troubling weekend here in St. John.

CBS USVI is waiting for an official response from the VIPD.