St. John Prepping for Hurricane Season

Akil Jacobs, USVI NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hello good morning this is Akil Jacobs with CBS USVI, I’m here with..Matt Gyuraki from Love City Community Network .

Akil Jacobs, USVI NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Nice to meet you Matt, could you please tell me a little about what you do or what you are here to present. 

Matt Gyuraki, Love City Community Network: Sure, so what we do is a none profit ISP is basically provide communications in lieu of emergency disasters and there after, we’re also doing research and development kind of share our story and be able to provide to areas that are lacking coverage whether it be currently or before or after the storm. 

Douglas Hoffman, NORMI: My name is Doug Hoffman I’m the executive director of NORMI – National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors. So we do training, for mold remediators and mold assessors in the state. Teach them how to do the work, how to be safe doing the work and some of the concerns people have about mold. 

Akil Jacobs, USVI NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Could you give me some of the myths and some of the facts because there are still a lot of people throughout the territory that are suffering from mold. 

Douglas Hoffman, NORMI: I know that’s true, one of the myths is that bleach will actually kill mold, and bleach sodium hypo chloride by itself, just regular jug bleach will actually not kill the mold, it wont get down into the bio slim and actually destroy it at a cellular level. It just bleaches it so you don’t see it and when it comes back it comes back worse. 

Akil Jacobs, USVI NEWS CORRESPONDENT: How do you feel about the Virgin Islands recovery after the storm, are we doing a good job are we ready in case something else happens?

Jennifer Williams, Red Cross: I feel we are doing a good job, as it pertains to the shelters, I don’t think that we are ready, our shelters aren’t ready on St. John, but they can go to St. Thomas for a shelter right now, because we just don’t have a place because the shelters got damaged. 

Akil Jacobs, USVI NEWS CORRESPONDENT: This is Akil Jacobs with CBS USVI we are live in love city St. John, we just wrapped up our interviews for Hurricane preparedness