St. Thomas Business Unveils Art Gallery Space to Support Local Artists

A local business is providing space for artists on island to display their work.

ReNew ReUse Emporium held a grand opening this past weekend of the new art gallery space inside the furniture and consignment store in Bovoni, St. Thomas called ReNew Art Exhibitions.

Artwork from various artists with the “Sevenminusseven” gallery were featured.

People enjoyed company, live music, food and refreshments, and were able to browse and purchase artwork.

ReNew ReUse Emporium Owner, Genie Lupo, says they will feature different artists and galleries each month, and have an unveiling party like they did Saturday evening. You can look for details each month on their Facebook page.

Lupo says the goal is to support the local art community throughout the territory, by giving artists on island a space to display their talents.

The Emporiums will also eventually be adding a frame shop as the next step in expanding to become a one-stop shop while supporting the community.