Surprise Appearance from Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress Hearing

WASHINIGTON, D.C. – Drama and chaos consumed a House committee hearing. Hunter Biden, the President’s son, surprised members by showing up to the hearing as they were discussing whether to vote to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of congress. The President’s son was subpoenaed as part of their impeachment investigation into President Biden.  

“Who bribed Hunter Biden to be here,” asked Rep. Nancy Mace (R- SC). “That is my first question.” 

In a surprise appearance, Hunter Biden, the President’s son, sat in the audience during a House Oversight Committee hearing. The hearing in which members were supposed to focus on whether to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of congress for failing to sit for a private deposition, quickly turned into chaos.  

Even after Hunter Biden left the hearing, the chaos and finger pointing continued. Democrats argue Hunter Biden tried in good faith to comply with the committee’s requests but republicans say otherwise. 

“For the past eleven months the chairman has repeatedly refused offers from Hunter Biden and his attorney to meet with the chairman and his staff and with members and his committee,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D- MD).  

Hunter Biden did not address the committee. Some said his arrival at the hearing was an attempt to comply with their subpoena by showing he could testify publicly. 

“The letter from Hunter Biden embraced the support of having a public proceeding that would quote prevent selective leaks, manipulated transcripts, doctored exhibits or one-sided press statements especially in light of the committee’s use of closed-door sessions to manipulate and even distort the facts and misinform the public,” said Rep. Raskin.  

“Hunter Biden striding in here like a tough guy while he refused to sit for a deposition that he had lawfully been subpoenaed to do,” said Rep. Nick Langworthy (R- NY).  

Republicans said Hunter Biden’s appearance was a political stunt. 

“The president’s son does not deserve special treatment, period,” said Rep. Langworthy. “Holding Hunter Biden in contempt of congress is the responsible reaction for his blatant disregard for federal law and our duty to investigate potential wrongdoings by the President of the United States.” 

House republicans opened up a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden just before the new year. According to reports, their investigation has not showed any evidence of linking the President to any criminal wrongdoing.