U.S. Virgin Islands Prepare for Another Storm

Here we go again. This hurricane season in the U.S. Virgin Islands has not been without its twists and turns. The V.I. is coming off a recent impact with Hurricane Dorian, and now facing another storm: Karen.

In an effort to secure homes, bags of sand was were being collected across the territory at various locations. We have images from Anna’s Hope in St. Croix.

Public Works employees and other volunteers pitched in to help, especially the senior citizens, get ready for Karen, this week. A total of 10 bags per household were being offered.

Government House has been closed , yet the administration is making moves to prepare the V.I. for another impact from mother nature. Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. rescheduled his trip to Washington D.C. this week, so that he could help ready the islands.

Bryan was set to meet with lawmakers on a number of issues impacting the territory.

Schools are also closed and the National Guard has been on standby since Tuesday morning, awaiting word of how they can help anyone in need.