VI Beaches Closed for Two Weeks, Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Effective immediately, all public beaches in the U.S. territory are closed to the public until April 20th.

Governor Albert Bryan Jr. announced on Monday, the National Guard, VI Police Department and the Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) will be enforcing the closures.

Many people had continued to visit the beaches, while practicing social distancing. However, because large groups have continued to congregate on the beaches, the VI Government was forced to make this move to close the beaches.

During Monday’s news conference, Governor Bryan says it’s expected the peek of the COVID-19 spread will hit the island in the next two to three weeks.

After the two-week closure, they will re-evaluate if beaches will remain closed past April 20th.

Governor Bryan continues to encourage people to stay at home, and only go out if absolutely necessary, and if you do go out, make sure you are practicing safe social distancing.