VI legislature moves to ban harmful sunscreens

On Monday the bill banning some sunscreens was up for discussion.

Representatives from Island Green Living and the Department of Planning and Natural Resources Coastal Zone Management Division all spoke of the dangers of these harmful chemicals to our coral reefs.   

“I just want us to protect our natural recourses. Our coral reefs are under so many threats and have been going through a decline and it is really up to us to sit and think about our everyday actions and what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment and help to protect this amazing, amazing island and whole ocean that we have,” Kitty Edwards with DPNR said.

So far there is no opposition to the bill. 

If it passes it will take some time to go into effect. 

Edwards says there will be time for businesses and consumers to understand what is ok to buy and that isn’t. 

She said they plan to do a lot of education and outreach to teach the community.