Virgin Islands Centenarians Recognized

The Virgin Islands Department of Human Services (DHS) Commissioner Kimberley CauseyGomez is pleased to announce today that the Division of Senior Citizen Affairs (SCA) celebrated six (6) Centenarians
who have reached milestone birthdays over the last several weeks.

The Virgin Islands the Centennial Living Treasures Award Program was established by the 31st Legislature in 2019, to recognize and honor senior citizens who reside in the Virgin Islands upon attaining their 100th birthday and to provide special recognition to those centenarians. Recipients of the living trust award must have resided in the Virgin Islands for not less than 30 years and must be residing in the Virgin Islands when they attain the age of 100 years.
An annual appropriation by the Legislature is dispersed accordingly.
The VI Department of Human Services Division of Senior Citizen Affairs staff, accompanied by Commissioner Causey-Gomez, Governor Albert Bryan Jr. and Lt. Governor Tregenza Roach, coordinated the in-person presentations of the Centennial Living Treasures Awards to our beloved Centenarians. On St. Croix, DHS was joined by Governor Bryan to visit and present the Centennial Living award to Abraham Hewitt. Likewise on St. Thomas, SCA Division Staff was joined by Lt. Governor Roach to award checks to Centennial living treasure awards to Olivia Carty, Lilian Browne, Winthrop T. Elskoe, Kiturah Donavan Smith and Miriam Adina Mitchell-Prince.
“It is always brings me joy to personally speak to and award our Centenarians every year, said Commissioner CauseyGomez. These older adults continue to add value to our society as they bring 100+ years of experiences, living through World War II, the first man in space, to electric vehicles and Facebook. This is a time to celebrate their resilience, wisdom and contributions”. Causey Gomez stated. I also want to thank Governor Bryan and Lt Governor Roach for accompanying our SCA staff to make the check presentations. We received plenty of advice on the keys to longevity from our recipients during the presentations including “Stay true to yourself”, ‘Be a Happy Person” “Go with the flow” and “Have faith”, the Commissioner said.
The following precious Centenarians represent a fraction of Virgin Islands residents who have attained the age of 100 years and older. The staff and leadership of the Department of Human Services are extremely honored to be able to present an incredibly special group of Virgin Islands residents:

Abraham Hewitt -102 Years Old: St. Croix
Olivia Carty – 104 Years Old: St. Thomas
Lilian Browne -102 years old: St. Thomas
Winthrop T. Elskoe – 102 years old: St. Thomas
Kiturah Donavan Smith- 100 Years Old: St. Croix
Miriam Adina Mitchell Prince – 101 Years: St. Thomas