Virgin Islands Police Department Launches Body-Worn Camera Program

The Virgin Islands Police Department is pleased to announce the launch of the first phase of its Body-Worn Camera Program that will equip the VIPD Patrol Officers with the use of body-worn cameras (BWCs) for law enforcement operations.  

This program will allow officers to record enforcement and investigative encounters between the police and the public. These cameras will provide an objective record of encounters, simplify review of events by supervisors, and improve accountability.  

“Keeping our territory safe is a top priority for the VIPD,” said Commissioner Ray Martinez. “Law enforcement is at its most effective when there is accountability and trust between our department and the community. I am confident that the launch of this program will promote trust, transparency, and confidence, not only with the community we serve and protect, but also among our law enforcement partners who work alongside our officers.” 

“There may be instances where use of force may occur during law enforcement actions throughout the territory,” said Deputy Commissioner Jason Marsh. “We are committed to ensuring transference and accountability with the implementation of the Body Worn Cameras.  The implementation of the body worn cameras will aid in the investigation of uses of force and alleged misconduct to bring them to a timely conclusion.   

The VIPD BWC Program aims to modernize local policing for officers and citizens alike and will be mutually beneficial in protecting our officers and the members we serve in this community.