Who has the cheapest gas prices in the VI?

The Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs is sharing its’ survey findings on who has the cheapest gas prices in the US Virgin Islands.

The gas survey was conducted on May 23, 2019 on St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. 

It’s done to let residents know which stations offer the best fuel prices. 

On St. Croix, the lowest price found on full-service gasoline was Welco Gas Station at $3.50 for premium and $3.40 for regular. For self-service prices, Karim Service Station has the lowest premium gasoline at $3.09 and Five Corners Service Station has $2.91 for regular gas. The lowest price for diesel fuel was Super Tank Service Station at $2.99 per gallon.

On St. Thomas, the lowest prices found on full-service gasoline was Barbel Plaza at $3.85 premium and $3.49 regular. The lowest prices for self-service fuel were 1st Stop in Estate Thomas and Race Track in Sugar Estate at $3.68 for premium and $3.45 for regular. The lowest priced stations for diesel fuel were Frydenhoj 1st Stop and 1st Stop in Estate Thomas at $3.59 per gallon.

Race Track on St. John had the lowest self-service prices at $4.14 premium; $3.93 regular; and $4.16 for diesel. Surveys are included for comparative viewing.

Commissioner Nominee Evangelista would also like to remind gas stations on basic services required to the consumer as stated in Consumer Code 12A V.I.C:

Air Pumps must be available to all motorists. Air Pumps must be functioning properly and be available for use during the hours of operation. Gas stations should have an air pump no further than 50 feet from the establishment and customers should have access to the pump without being required to obtain other services. (12A V.I.C. section 207)

Prices must be visible from the roadway. Prices must be large and legible by motorists that are passersby for public safety. It is illegal to post incorrect prices; inaccurate price postings may result in fines or other repercussions. (12A V.I.R.R. section 202-5)

Prices must be visible on pump. There is a special window displaying fuel costs per gallon. This window must be functioning at all times. (12A V.I.R.R. section 103-3)

If the station offers full/self-service there must be a sign indicating the type of service available.

Consumers or Merchants with questions may contact Consumer Affairs Division on St. Croix at (340) 713-3522; St. Thomas at (340) 714-3522; or on St. John at (340) 693-8036. For consumer related issues you may email us at consumerawareness@dlca.vi.gov