With hurricane season in full swing, Virgin Islanders aren’t taking any chances

After facing two Category Five Hurricanes last September, people in the USVI aren’t taking any chances this time around.

“Just in case anything happens tonight or in the next couple of days,” Ferryniesa Weeks from St. Thomas said.

Ferryniesa Weeks is stocking up on water, milk and canned goods here at Plaza Extra in Tutu Park, she told us, just in case.

“Just being precautious,” Weeks added.

Along with stocking up on water another precaution is filling up your car and also grabbing one of these fuel cans filling it up as a far as well, but some at Petrus Gas station in St. Thomas aren’t too scared about a possible storm.

“We were ready for the last two so I know worst comes to worst we’ll be ready for this one,” Candita Charles from St. John said.

Charles said she’s been keeping an eye on the storm, especially with her friend visiting from the mainland. They have friends and family in the path of another storm Hurricane Florence  that made its’ way towards the east coast.

“Just making sure that I’ll be able to get home safely but then also keeping track of the weather in the states,” Tieshea Moses  who is visiting from Virginia said. 

While they’re not getting scared away by Tropical Storm Isaac, they are taking it seriously and being precautious. After what they went through last year you find everyone is keeping an eye on the storms.

“Virgin Islands people are taking it more seriously this year, so everybody is coming to get gas, getting their water supply, getting their canned food,’ Jamal Fabian, St. Thomas

Ready for whatever may come their way.