Work on hurricane aftermath recognized

A local nonprofit recognized for their incredible work in the aftermath of Irma with the help of a local journalist.

Netfa Romain, creator of the show USVI Ambassadors which airs here on CBS USVI, filmed “My Brother’s Workshop” in the weeks following Hurricanes Irma and Maria as they helped the island rebuild.

Romain put the video together in a story and eventually it won a “Telly” award.

Since 1979 the Telly Awards have been honouring excellence in video and television across all platforms.

Romain brought that award to the Workshop Friday.

He said it was their story to tell and they deserved the recognition.

“I came down I think it was a Thursday over to My Brother’s Workshop and kind of hung out there for a couple of hours and saw what was going on from the mentorship of the young people to the folks that were coming off the street getting free meals,” Romain said.

‘It was dark times right after the storms and the team just came together and all of our young people are amazing and you know really heroes after such a storm it was really an amazing opportunity to to share the story of My Brothers Workshop,” Jenny Hawkes, Executive Director at My Brother’s Workshop added.

My Brother’s Workshop is a Virgin Islands nonprofit to help at-risk and high risk young people in the USVI.

The links to the stories that won the award are below: