Frustration Mounts Among House GOP Over Speakership

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tensions between members of the House GOP over the Speaker drama is growing. On Wednesday, members held a secret ballot vote nominating Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R- LA) over Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to be the next Speaker. However, on Thursday, a handful of republicans said they’re still supporting Jordan. 

Members met behind closed doors again throughout much of Thursday afternoon. We’ve heard from a few GOP members heading in and out of the meeting, most of whom express frustration. 

Members told us Rep. Jim Jordan (R- OH), who was also running for the Speakership, told his fellow republicans that he supports Scalise’s nomination. But the handful of members who are still not on board with Scalise said it’s because he lacks a detailed plan for the border, Ukraine aid and other issues. Here’s what some members tell us about the closed-door process:  

“I think we’re getting there and that’s what needs to be done,” said Rep. Dan Meuser (R- PA). “Time is of the essence. There are so many crises largely created by the Biden administration that they need to be dealt with from our economy to national security to the border, to Israel, to Ukraine. So we need to work together and just simply come to a final resolution.” 

The whole purpose of Wednesday’s secret ballot vote was to avoid this type of situation. Members were supposed to get behind yesterday’s winner, Scalise.  

Multiple members are upset the Speakership is still in limbo, with no real progress on Thursday, nor a definitive answer on when a floor vote may occur. Right now, there is not a scheduled floor vote but we will continue to monitor any developments.